Steve Rowley


Steve started as an apprentice in 1987. He was placed third in the National Apprentice of the Year competition. He carried out a four year apprenticeship with BMW and a further seven years as a BMW technician. After that, he worked in a supervisory role for four more years before taking a managerial role within BMW.



Stuart and I have been friends since school and we worked together at BMW for a number of years. Stuart then spent some time working for BMW in Perth Australia and on his return came back to work with me at BMW in Cheltenham. He then spent a number of years at Mercedes before joining us in 2008. Stuart has control of the garage when I’m not around and he can deal with any issues relating to your car.



Dave has worked at a BMW dealer for longer than I know. Years ago he worked for Woods of Bournemouth and then joined us at BMW in Cheltenham in the mid 90’s. Dave is a very good Diagnostic Technician and is also one of our MOT Testers. Dave joined us in Feb 2008.

Mark Slade


When I first started as an apprentice for  BMW in 1987 Mark was the foreman of the workshop. Mark has over 25 years on BMW’s and he is very well versed in all the models. When he left BMW to join us in January 2009 he was one of BMW’s Senior Technicians and is our other MOT tester.



Chris background is VW Audi and has done some work for us for the last couple of years when he ran his own business. He is now with us full time and adds another group of manufacturers to our business. Chris is also one of our MOT testers.



George joined us in 2011. He had carried out a full time Vehicle Technician prior to joining us and is now attending college on day release. George is being trained by ourselves.

As you can see we have all worked together over a number of years and as a team effort there is nothing we can’t tackle on your BMW. We look forward to seeing you in the future.