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About Us

Steve Rowley started at BMW in 1987, and including Stuart, Dave, Mark, Chris and George, we have nearly 70 years BMW knowledge between us.

Our business started in 2004 and since then has grown into a very busy specialist repairer in the Gloucestershire area.

Other garages may claim to be specialists and they may quote you less but they do not have the experience, technical capability, equipment or knowledge that we have here. With some of the stories we hear about other wannabe BMW/Mini specialists you also do not actually know what is being done to your car or what oils and parts are being used. Please visit our Staff page on the website to read about the guys who will be working on your car.

We have a full MOT station and three of our Technicians are MOT testers. By the end of November we will be the only BMW/Mini independent specialist in Gloucestershire to have a full Professional Wheel Alignment Bay using the very latest equipment and YES we do have weight bags for BMW. This new service we can offer our customers will offer the same level of wheel alignment offered at a BMW Dealership at a fraction of the cost. We have the latest Diagnostic system with full technical support, and the same equipment can Code, Program, Diagnose and carry out Performance Tunes to your BMW/Mini vehicles. We have a workshop full of special tools designed specifically for BMW/Mini vehicles and if we are missing a tool when a job arises, we simply invest and buy the new tools.

Did you know that BMW do not make the majority of parts for their vehicles. We buy our parts directly from source. Most of the filters used on a BMW/Mini are made by MANN. If you buy a oil or air filter from BMW then most of the time it will have the MANN part number on it. We buy them directly from our suppliers and a fraction of the cost. Suspension arms or suspension bushes are made by companies like Lemforder or FAG. When we buy these parts they have had the BMW badge removed from them and are usually about half the price of BMW parts. We do not compromise any quality by using poor quality parts we use the best we can buy for our customers at the best price.

We also offer cars for sale. If we do not have the car you would like then we can find it for you. Call us and discuss your thoughts on a new car. With our experience we can ensure you are buying the best model for you and advise you on possible faults with particular models.

I hope this information page has been useful in telling you a bit about our business and if you have a look through the staff page then you can see how qualified we are to look after your car.

Call us on 01242 222232, or email us at bmwsaab@gmail.com.

We are located in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. For directions, please click here.